By virtual pipeline

NGV Global Group provides natural gas for customers in areas where there is little or no infrastructure, CNG is transported via trailer in high-capacity, super-lightweight storage tanks. These trailers are filled at major gas pipelines then driven to end use sites for a continual, uninterrupted supply.

CNG can also be transported via standard shipping containers and loaded onto a truck, train, or ship. NGV Global Group can create a virtual pipeline for temporary projects or to fuel a fleet with renewable natural gas or natural gas.

Some fleets are paying so much at the pump that having CNG gas brought to them could greatly reduce their annual fuel costs. Fleets can lower waiting time at busy stations increasing logistic efficiency as a whole. In addition, fleets can eliminate relying on another station that may or not be running congesting efficiency.

Besides fleet companies a virtual pipeline may be used for temporary projects where natural gas is needed in remote or unavailable areas. A virtual natural gas pipeline may also be used by companies needing emergency natural gas supplies.

For Interest in learning about a virtual pipeline option for your company, please contact us for a free consultation.

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