The 2021 TNGV Alliance Meeting in Dallas Texas at NGV Global Headquarters was a success yesterday. We want to thank everyone who came out to support and learn about the latest CNG, Hybrid Electric, and hydrogen technologies that we have implemented in our operations.

Every day we help our customers and partners to reduce their carbon footprint and meet ESG compliance requirements. We partnered with a great group of speakers who shared proven and economically feasible ways to implement alternative fuel programs in any fleet.

The TNGV Alliance meeting was hosted by NGV Global Group’s Susan Shifflett who kicked off the meeting by introducing Fury Zaidi CEO and Chairman of NGV Global Group. Mr. Zaidi has grown NGV Global Group into a CNG national powerhouse from its humble beginnings thirteen years ago. Zaidi went over the process of remanufacturing and manufacturing CNG Vehicles. Some of these vehicles are deployed to their sister company GreenPath Logistics which implements their 100% alternative fuel fleet on routes for UPS, The United States Postal Service and Amazon. 

Dmitri Tisnoi of NGV Global Group presented Wing Power Systems with Westport Technologies a new addition to the NGV Global Family which offers CNG and LPG solutions to alternative fleets. Fleets that require different types of alternative fuels based on availability, infrastructure, and vehicle use, can now get all their business needs met with the WiNG™ Power System. Mr. Tisnoi spoke on the value of the cohesive family of companies under NGV Global Group and how they together help work towards a goal of a negative carbon footprint. 

Shan Zaidi, President of NGV Global Group, gave an synopsis of GreenPath Logistics out of Dallas Fort Worth Texas day to day operations. GreenPath Logistics is the first 100% completely alternative trucking fleet. Shan shared the day-to-day expectations, struggles and teamwork needed to create a successful alternative fleet model. GreenPath Logistics is poised to run on a negative carbon output due to their RNG contracts (renewable natural gas contracts) they have secured to fuel their fleet. 

Hyliion Holdings (NYSE: HYLN) of Austin Texas, which recently went public in October 2020, gave an overview of their hybrid-electric powertrain system. Hyliion is focused on being a leading powertrain provider in the industry with a focus on Class 8 vehicles. Hyliion’s current powertrain EV hybrid system can offer as much as an additional 120 HP when needed. The battery pack charges by taking advantage of the truck’s energy it produces when being operated. This system is currently being used successfully in some GreenPath Logistics fleets as well as huge national corporations. 

Chris Hussey with Lancer Energy gave an summary on hydrogen technology’s real-world application. Lancer has been in the industry for 30 years and is an engineering planning company that builds infrastructure to deploy alternative fuels. Chris went over the benefits of Hydrogen capabilities of calming range anxiety for fleets. Lancer is also developing a solution to easing EV grid overload by implementing hydrogen technologies to reduce demand.

The annual meeting were concluded with a tour of the facility and operations of NGV Global Group. The 2021 TNGV Alliance Meeting was an exciting informative update on what’s going on in the industry and what’s possible. To watch a recap or if you missed out on the annual meeting.  please click link.