RNG is an affordable and proven natural gas vehicle technology,
fueled with biomethane (RNG) and it’s growing in Texas. It’s collected at local landfills, wastewater treatment plants, commercial food waste facilities, and agricultural digesters that can yield a carbon-negative lifecycle emissions result.

There are over 20 RNG projects completed, under-construction or proposed in Texas. These projects have been popping up all over the state. Many of these projects are being created to supply transportation industry with renewable natural gas with no signs of slowing. All of these projects have one common need. A pipeline.

NGV Global Group is the parent company of Texas Gas Transport (TGT). TGT has provided high-pressure cryogenic fuel logistics services to a variety of clients in the industrial/manufacturing and power generation industries. TGT is the premier carrier of CNG and LNG in the Southwest market. TGT is capable in the assistance of creating a virtual pipeline to help connect all the RNG dots. In fact they are licensed and equipped to run in 48 continental states.

This strengthening of RNG infrastructure through growth and networking is great news for logistics companies looking to adapt to lowering their companies carbon footprint and adopting sustainability efforts. NGV Global Group’s Heavy Vehicle CNG/RNG Remanufacturing plant headquartered in Dallas Texas assists small and large fleets in accomplishing these goals.

A company in need of RNG vehicles or interested in RNG fueling options can receive consulting from NGV Global Group and are encouraged to reach out. NGV Global Group understands the daunting task of keeping full speed ahead while modifying an active fleet at the same time.

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