With RNG Growing across the US, a need to provide heavy duty truck classes that can run on the RNG fuel increases. Companies of all sizes across the country are looking for turnkey solutions to implement in their current fleet. NGV Global Groups remanufacturing plant in Dallas Texas gives them everything they need to incorporate RNG trucking.

Big companies like UPS and InBev have already positioned portions of their natural gas fleets to RNG. Smaller companies, like Green Path Logistics in Dallas Texas, have devoted their entire fleet to RNG ready Trucking for their company. Companies of all sizes are seeing the bigger picture and making then transition now.

NGV Global Group Dallas Facility

As the pressure for cleaner air and government policies on pollution tighten, all roads leads to an alternative fuel use in a trucking company’s fleet. NGV Global Group is creating attainable avenues for companies to add RNG trucking to their fleets and help them with the transitioning process. Dmitri Tisnoi of NGV Global Group spoke earlier this month in regards to the company’s recent 2020 Ana Hargrove Outstanding Service Award related to their work in the CNG/RNG industry, “TXNGVA is a top tier association helping organizations to decrease their carbon emissions and meet their sustainability goals.”

NGV Global Group is offering logistic companies a hand holding approach to implementing RNG into their current fleet. A lot of times companies need more than just a place to buy a RNG vehicle. They need assistance or guidance seeing it to fruition. NGV Global Groups approach offers that creating a higher success rate in companies implementation of alternative fuel use.

Call us today and our experts will help you select the right trailer or truck based on your needs.

  • Dry Van.
  • Refrigerated Trailers / Reefers.
  • Flatbed Trailers.
  • Stepdeck / Single Drop Trailers.
  • Lowboy or Double-Drop Trailer.
  • RGN or Removable Gooseneck Trailers.
  • Conestoga or Curtainside Trailers.
  • Box Truck.
  • Semi Truck

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