As the trucking industry advance towards sustainability goals, natural gas vehicles and renewable natural gas are already an essential part of the emission reduction strategies for fleets.

Across the United States, leading fleets are making record investments in (RNG) renewable natural gas. These companies are growing RNG into their fueling portfolio for the long haul. NGV Global Group in Dallas Texas has been fulfilling orders for fleets all sizes.

These fleets have set and continue to meet their greenhouse emission reduction goals. Because of RNG’s ultra-low-carbon potentialnatural gas vehicles fueled with RNG can provide greenhouse gas emission reduction benefits that far exceed what zero-emission vehicles can provide. 

When we capture carbon, in the form of methane emissions from decomposing organic waste, we prevent it from entering the atmosphere, warming the planet and contributing to the negative impacts of climate change.

As independently certified by the latest data from California’s clean air agency, the California Air Resources Board (CARB), the carbon intensity of RNG produced from in-state dairy waste is negative 308.59 gCO2e/MJ compared to the carbon intensity of California’s electricity grid (one of the cleanest in the nation) which is 16.58 gCO2e/MJ.

NGV Global Group owns a remanufacturing facility out of Dallas Texas that specialize in delivering Natural Gas/ Renewable Natural Gas to trucking fleets throughout the United States and internationally.

NGV Global Group recently launched GreenPath Logistics which is a fully alternative Fuel freight forwarding company that delivers freight throughout the DFW and surrounding areas.

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