NGV Global Group’s department for heavy duty natural gas engine conversions has seen an uptick in demand for their Fracturing engine conversion department. NGV Global Group welcomes the increase and is ready to meet the demand. 

In fracking, higher pumping rates and pressures increase the amount of fuel required to perform the work. Even idling between stages consumes a lot of fuel; these large engines consume about 10 gal/hr while idling. With varying efficiencies and stage lengths, diesel fuel usage can exceed 20,000 gal/d for the frac pumps on one fracturing spread of equipment. A proven way to significantly reduce fuel consumption is to use dual fuel operations. Properly executed dual fuel operations can reduce the amount of diesel fuel a fracturing spread uses by as much as 55%.

NGV Global Group has the technology and experience to handle these conversions, offering their clients’ savings that contribute to their profit margin positively. In addition to operational savings, a dual fuel engine is a reliable choice for those looking for dependability when it’s needed the most.

The picture below is a 2500 HP Engine being converted to a dual fuel engine with the ability to run on natural gas.

cummins 2500 HP Engine CNG Conversion to Dual Fuel Capabilities

For more information regarding dual-fuel engine conversions, please contact us. We can walk you through the steps and help you weigh your options regardless of your company size.  


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