NGV Global Group is a privately held Texas global technology company that designs, manufactures, distributes and supports natural gas and renewable natural gas operations. NGV Global Group also purchases and partners with capable entities to develop related infrastructure opportunities.

In Dallas we are expanding our state of the art facility to keep up with increasing industry demands. At NGV Global Group we manufacture natural gas engines, fuel storage units and fueling systems for application in our own products and for sale to third party companies nationally and internationally. We also own and operate a gas transportation company which is registered with the US Department of Transportation (DOT) allowing us to safely transport multiple substances across the U.S. including: CNG, LNG, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen and other hazardous materials and gases. 

This current expansion of NGV Global Group will provide many benefits to the aggressively growing natural and renewable gas industry. NGV Global Group is on track to becoming North America’s most trusted logistic operator of 100% alternative fuel delivery trucks. Also benefiting will be the environment with strong support from federal, state and local government. Importantly, our shareholders stand to reap handsome rewards as a result of NGV Global Group expanding its operations. 

We anticipate that the common shares of the Company could be worth an amount several earnings multiples of this current offering price. NGV Global Group shares will be worth considerably more than the current price, and investors could earn up to 40% IRR on the first two projects, alone.

For a Private Placement Memorandum, please contact John Smith, Vice President of Business Development in our Dallas offices. 214-630-1000

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    Press and Announcements

    • Rapid Expansion Of U.S. RNG Infrastructure

      Energy Vision, a nonprofit focused on viable technologies and strategies for a sustainable, low-carbon energy and transportation future, released its most recent joint assessment of the U.S. renewable natural gas (RNG) industry, performed on behalf of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory. The assessment, which consists of a database of current and projected RNG projects, shows the total number of RNG production facilities in the U.S. that are operational, under construction or planned increased by 42% — from 219 in early 2019 to 312 by the end of 2020. That includes 157 RNG production facilities now operating (up 78% from 2019); 76 projects under construction (up 100%); and 79 projects in planning. The 157 operational projects represent total RNG production capacity of over 59 million MMBtu (a 30% increase since 2019), the equivalent of over 459 million gallons of diesel — enough to fuel 50,000 refuse trucks (nearly 40% . . . . . . . . Read More

    • Texas RNG Gas Projects Keep Growing

      RNG is an affordable and proven natural gas vehicle technology,fueled with biomethane (RNG) and it’s growing in Texas. It’s collected at local landfills, wastewater treatment plants, commercial food waste facilities, and agricultural digesters that can yield a carbon-negative lifecycle emissions result. There are over 20 RNG projects completed, under-construction or proposed in Texas. These projects have been popping up all over the state. Many of these projects are being created to supply transportation industry with renewable natural gas with no signs of slowing. All of these projects have one common need. A pipeline. NGV Global Group is the parent company of Texas Gas Transport (TGT). TGT has provided high-pressure cryogenic fuel logistics services to a variety of clients in the industrial/manufacturing and power generation industries. TGT is the premier carrier of CNG and LNG in the Southwest market. TGT is capable in the assistance of creating a virtual pipeline to . . . . . . . . Read More

    • NGV Global Group Employee Appreciation Awards

      We wanted to thank all our hard working employees at NGV Global Group and award those who are going above and beyond in trying times. It is a work ethic like yours that helps us be the success that we are. We applaud you all and thank you again for your commitment to excellence. NGV Global Group’s operations have been bustling along, providing the trucking industry with essential Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) Trucks for their fleets. These trucks and their operators are driving farther and harder than ever, supplying our nation with much needed goods. With all this extra demand in such a unique time, our essential employees are doing their part to make a difference. NGV Global Group wanted to create something to celebrate that hard work with some form of appreciation. So last week we set up an award show thanking everyone and shining the spotlight on some special . . . . . . . . Read More

    • Compressed Natural Gas (CNG/RNG) Market Worth $218.18 Billion by 2026

      The global compressed natural gas (CNG/RNG) market is anticipated to reach USD 218.18 billion by 2026 according to a new report published by Polaris Market Research. CNG has continued to grow as a clean fuel with the inception of RNG renewable natural gas. CNG Fueled Vehicle use is increasingly being used in Asia-Pacific region, Europe, Latin America, and North America owing to the increasing gasoline prices and as an important initiative to reduce carbon emissions. NGV Global Group is strategically poised as demand for CNG conversions across all truck classes increases.  As Global Markets are growing so are demands for vehicles as companies race to lower their emissions. Mega corporations like UPS continue investing millions into their CNG infrastructure. Small government municipalities continue to grow their CNG fleets as well. NGV Global Group has seen a demand increase across all truck classes. NGV Global Group sells and leases all truck . . . . . . . . Read More

    • How Much Clean Air Could $100 Million Buy?

      California has the worst air pollution in the nation and diesel trucks are largely to blame. Original Story Heavy-duty (HD) diesel trucks are the backbone of California’s thriving goods movement economy, but they also deliver a lot of negative impacts to the state. As the largest single source of emissions in California, HD diesel trucks cause smog and unhealthy air for 90% of Californians[1]. HD diesel trucks emit NOx (oxides of nitrogen) and diesel particulate matter (DPM), which can cause a range of health issues including asthma, cancer, heart disease, and premature death. These impacts are particularly pronounced in California’s many disadvantaged communities (DACs) which are already overburdened by HD diesel truck emissions. In addition, HD diesel trucks are one of North America’s largest and most rapidly growing sources of climate-altering greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions which are detrimental to clean air. California is facing several near-term deadlines to meet the . . . . . . . . Read More

    • Green Truck Rental & Leasing Expanding Due To Market Demand

      NGV Global Group subsidiary Natural Gas Vehicle Texas (NGV Texas), offers SMB’s, government and Major Corporations “Green Truck,” rental and leasing options to reduce their carbon footprint. Whether customers want to rent a CNG vehicle for a test trial period or outright lease a fleet of trucks, NGV Texas offers plenty of options to fulfill their needs. NGV Texas continues to expand and develop its truck rental and leasing branch in Dallas Texas as its parent company is set to expand its business due to industry demands. Why CNG trucks for alternative fuel is an easy answer. The World’s cleanest heavy-duty truck engines run on natural gas. The newest natural gas engines with Near-Zero  – or “Zero Emissions Equivalent” – technology produces 90% fewer NOx emissions than the current standard. In fact, the cleanest heavy-duty truck engine in the world is powered by natural gas. And when fueled with renewable . . . . . . . . Read More

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