NGV Global Group subsidiary Natural Gas Vehicle Texas (NGV Texas), offers SMB’s, government and Major Corporations “Green Truck,” rental and leasing options to reduce their carbon footprint. Whether customers want to rent a CNG vehicle for a test trial period or outright lease a fleet of trucks, NGV Texas offers plenty of options to fulfill their needs. NGV Texas continues to expand and develop its truck rental and leasing branch in Dallas Texas as its parent company is set to expand its business due to industry demands.

Why CNG trucks for alternative fuel is an easy answer. The World’s cleanest heavy-duty truck engines run on natural gas. The newest natural gas engines with Near-Zero  – or “Zero Emissions Equivalent” – technology produces 90% fewer NOx emissions than the current standard. In fact, the cleanest heavy-duty truck engine in the world is powered by natural gas. And when fueled with renewable natural gas, it has up to 115 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions than diesel counterparts well-to-wheel. Diesel exhaust is responsible for 70% of the cancer risk from airborne toxics. 

In addition to CNG trucks and their potential to lower air pollution, they also help companies meet the demands of federal, state and local government regulations. With growing regulations making it harder and harder on the industry to operate under its current infrastructure many companies are looking to alternatives that make sense. CNG and LNG vehicles offer a realistic alternative with no reduction in power while meeting all regulations. 

UPS’s recent announcement to add six thousand more compressed natural gas trucks to its fleet points towards CNG heavy-duty vehicles continued growth. UPS isn’t the only trucking company that sees the benefit to making the switch. NGV vehicles are commercially available and in production across all applications, there are more than 175,000 natural gas vehicles on U.S. roads today, spanning all weight classes and vehicle applications. NGV Texas offers several natural gas vehicle options. 

Whether it’s box trucks, Tractor trailers or school buses, NGV Texas is here to accommodate your fleet’s needs. All vehicles come with a powertrain warranty making it worry free when making the switch to natural gas vehicles. Let us help you make the transition to the number one alternative fuel for heavy-duty fleets. Our long term lease-to-purchase option of CNG powered vehicles levels the financial playing field by removing the price differential of a natural gas truck versus a diesel truck. By operating on CNG, many of our customers simply allow the fuel savings to accommodate for leasing payments while the company manages the cash flow situation.Contact us today at (214) 630-1000 for further details.


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