A wide-ranging coalition of business, science and environmental groups is calling on the Biden administration to within the next 18 months set “multi-pollutant climate and clean air standards” that will eliminate particulate matter, oxides of nitrogen and greenhouse gas emissions from new freight trucks and buses.

“We urge your administration to adopt pollution standards by fall of 2022, eliminate the smog-forming nitrogen oxides, deadly particles and climate pollution from freight trucks and buses that are based upon, and fully mobilize, the availability of zero-emitting solutions,” said a letter to President Joe Biden, dated March 23.

The Natural Resources Defense Council, Environmental Defense Fund, Union of Concerned Scientists, Interfaith Power & Light, League of Conservation Voters, American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy and the California Business Alliance for a Clean Economy were among the 17 groups signing onto the letter.


Copies of the letter also were sent to a range of top Environmental Protection Agency officials, including recently confirmed EPA Administrator Michael Regan.

Truck pollution standards should eliminate pollution from all new freight trucks and buses no later than 2040, and from freight trucks and buses used in urban and community areas no later than 2035, the letter said.

A recent analysis by the Environmental Defense Fund showed that pollution standards that achieve the groups’ goals would prevent 57,000 premature deaths and eliminate more than 4.7 billion metric tons of climate pollution by 2050, according to the letter.

“Pollution from freight trucks and buses is concentrated in low-income communities and communities of color,” the letter said. It said “protective standards are essential in order to address that disproportionate impact.”

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