US and Canadian Natural Gas truck retail sales for the first eleven months of 2019 gained 20% year-to-date over 2018, as published in the quarterly report (AFQ: Alternative Fuels Quarterly) just released by ACT Research. Full-year 2018 was down 15%, while 2017 was up 13%.

The ACT Alternative Fuels Quarterly (AFQ) provides insight, analysis, and trends about alternative fuel/power adoption for the US heavy and medium duty commercial vehicle markets. “Bucking the declining pattern of the past few years, year-to-date November 2019 sales appear to be gaining ground, with sales of natural-gas powered vehicles on an overall upward trajectory,” said Ken Vieth, Senior Partner and General Manager at ACT Research. He continued, “That said and based on news released in the popular press, natural gas vehicle purchases were dominated by refuse fleets, as well as transit and school bus operators. Among truckers, the majority of incremental volume came from existing natural gas vehicle on-highway users replacing units or adding to their fleets.”

NGV Global Group’s Truck leasing program offers businesses to save on their bottom line. NGV Global Group’s Dmitri Tisnoi said, “With the use of CNG you can let your fuel savings pay for your monthly truck payments. That is right, even in low diesel price market NGV have customers who use over 50 gallons per day realizing a greater amount in fuel saving than their truck payment, all while being good stewards of the environment.” With stricter trucking regulations and laws NGV Global Group’s CNG Trucks allows businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and save money. It’s a no brainer. Really the question is why haven’t you explored your options.

For Sale 2014 International 4300 body with Dedicated CNG DT466 engine.

You are looking at a Certified Pre-owned Class 6 Local Delivery box truck with Brand New EPA/CARB Motori 7.6L Natural Gas Engine that comes with 1 year / 100,000 mile warranty included. The truck has 100 GGE storage and has over 450 miles range on a single fill. Four Type 3 carbon fiber tanks are installed on the frame rails below the 26 foot box. The Engine and CNG tank installation, including all of the required plumbing was done in a state-of-the-art CNG technology center in Dallas Texas. The installation has been done with the best available elements including flexible Parker hoses, New generation fueling module allowing fueling with both standard and commercial CNG hoses and defueling option.

Engine Details:
Engine Model: NGV 7.6 L Sterling Natural Gas
Type: Dedicated CNG
Cylinders: In-line 6
Displacement: 466 (7.6L)
Horsepower: 210 HP – 260 HP at 2200 rpm
Peak Torque: 540 LB-ft from 1400 – 2000 rpm
Certification: CARB and EPA at 0.2 NOx
Warranty: 100,000 Miles / 1 Year

Have questions please send us a message or call 1-800-611-8232 during normal business hours. We are in Dallas Texas and would be glad to arrange for the truck delivery or provide a transportation pick up if you are wanting to fly in to test drive the vehicle.

We can finance or lease this box truck through in-house program or one of our third party partners! 

If you are a high fuel user the fuel savings from utilizing CNG can pay for the monthly payments on this truck. Please call or message us so we can help you run financial model to see how much you can safe on CNG.
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