One part of the U.S. economy that hasn’t been stopped by the pandemic is trucking of goods, and that goes for the alternative transportation fuel that powers many of the fleets.

The fuel cell and hydrogen energy applications are getting more attention from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and a recent report by McKinsey and Co., noting billions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of jobs the hydrogen sector could create by 2030 while providing a lower-carbon energy option. DOE at the end of last year provided more than $160 million in grant funds.

One of the top priorities for the natural gas vehicle (NGV) trade group NGVAmerica is to influence the development of a cleaner trucks initiative at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to use gas in powering trucking fleets. NGVAmerica also is seeking “regulatory parity” for NGV technology in the EPA and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s SAFE rulemaking for light-duty vehicles.

NGV Global Group has been ramping up production of their CNG semi-tractor trailers as demands for trucking continue to ramp up. The trucking industry is an essential industry and moves all types of freight throughout the entire country that many Americans depend on. COVID-19 puts truck drivers in high demand for transport of crucial goods across the country. NGV Global Group continues to support this crucial industry in times when all possible hands on deck are needed.

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