The much anticipated 2021 Act Expo was a success this year for NGV Global Group, which showcased their recently acquired sister company Wing Power Systems. With Act Expo being Furloughed in 2020, there was a buzz of excitement in the air for exhibitors to present the latest in technology and innovation this time around. 

Wing Power Systems was on display showing off their latest “Future In Fleet” with the latest in CNG vehicle tech spanning a plethora of trucking classes. On showroom display was the Ford F-59 and the Ford F-150 CNG Conversions equipped with the latest in CNG technology. These vehicles could be ordered across the United States and Canada through Wing Powers dealer service network. Wing Power a Westport Technology is RNG ready, creating a negative NOX for those ready to make the change to reducing their carbon footprint. 

Outside was Wing Power’s Ford F-650 ready for to test drive around the Long Beach Expo area. This offered an opportunity to see the technology in motion as well as a test drive with the latest F-650 Box Truck. 

The  F-650 box truck made the 1,400 mile trip from NGV Global Group’s Dallas headquarters carrying Peter Fonda’s “Captain America” Easy Rider Motorcycle. The easy rider was patriotically on display next to the Wing Systems CNG trucks at the exposition. It tied in the US innovation of this company produced in Dallas Texas, running on domestic fueling options (RNG/CNG), creating national self sufficiency. 

Peter Fonda’s Easy Rider “Captain America” Motorcycle On Display At The Act Expo 2021

In fact, NGV Global Groups latest addition adds more jobs to the economy in a time where growth is much needed. In the thriving transportation and logistics industry, it couldn’t have chose to increase their presence in the industry at a more needed time. With governmental policies becoming more stringent and stockholders demanding reduced pollution, companies are searching for a way to remain profitable and still play by the rules. NGV Global Group brings those realities together with their latest technology via Wing Power Systems a Westport technology. 

The Act Expo was a great sight to see. CEO, Fury Zaidi was personally in attendance for the event. Fury is a man of action and leads by example. He not only produces renewable energy vehicles, but he runs a 100% Alternative Fuel Logistics Fleet (GreenPath Logistics). Mr. Zaidi runs delivery sensitive routes for some of the biggest names in the industry. This unique cohesion of companies allows the CEO to see alternative fuel operations full circle. This perspective gives NGV Global Group an edge above its competitors. Many companies can build an alternative fuel vehicle, but to prove its reliability and functionality in real time, many fall short and rely on the feedback from second parties.  NGV Global is able to see first hand all the obstacles fleets may face in a realistic setting rather than in theory.

ACT Expo was a great opportunity to come together where the best of the best are able to display the latest in the industry for alternative fuels. We can’t wait to see you at the next Expo.