Truckers keep on trucking during coronavirus pandemic

Our nation’s truckers are doing what they do best even during the coronavirus pandemic — they keep on trucking.

They are the backbone of the country’s supply chain, traversing our nation’s highways and byways to deliver goods like food, fuel and other vital supplies. And while daily life has slowed to crawl, this workforce keeps delivering the goods and ensuring that that the public’s vital needs are met.

“I think we’re just as busy now as we are through the summertime,” Nate McCarty, a freight driver from Denver, Colo., told Fox News. “That’s usually our busy period and it’s just kind of all hands on deck right now because we’re seeing freight that we don’t normally see. Some of the truckload carriers, they’re running at capacity,” he noted.


McCarty normally makes his runs six days a week, so while his drive time hasn’t increased, the payloads have, in particular for groceries. He said shipments to Amazon warehouses have also increased.

“We’re seeing a lot more stuff,” he said. “All of our drivers are working right now. Everyone is just super busy. That puts a lot of trucks on the road right now.”

“Some of these [drivers] have been out and away from home for over a month. They are really feeling the need to stay out and help other companies and help out our country right now.”

McCarty said none of his co-workers have gotten sick yet but that they have been asked to work extra hours for anyone who might fall ill. He’s been taking precautions while he’s out on the road.


“It’s made me a lot more aware of the places that I go on my trip and everything that I’m touching,” he said. I’ve always used antibacterial wipes on the truck and the hotel that I stay in, I wipe everything down on the room and now I’m wearing rubber gloves.”

“But it’s gotten a lot more difficult trying to find places to eat because a lot of places are carryout only.”

While there’s always been a brotherhood among truckers as they traverse the county, McCarty said that these days they are depending upon one another more than ever, as they share stories of the road.

“One driver said that he was at one of the stores and he had a gentleman come up to him and asked if he could pray for him,” he said. “It’s really heartwarming to hear that.”


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Save Big In Your First Step In CNG Bus Purchasing (Leasing)

The first step in CNG Bus Purchase is to determine the costs and benefits. Let us walk you through the process. Compressed Natural Gas or CNG, is a very safe alternative fuel – both for the environment and the children that ride in our CNG-powered school buses.

School buses travel over four billion miles each year, providing the safest transportation to and from school for more than 25 million American children every day. However, exhaust from diesel buses can harm health, especially in children, who have a faster breathing rate than adults and whose lungs are not yet fully developed according to the EPA.

The quality and expertise of NGV Global Group is unmatched and backed by years of experience and reliability.  We have rebuilt these buses to be easy to maintain and to give you the best performance throughout the life of the vehicle. With our high quality craftsmanship and an awesome power train warranty, you can be confident in your clean fuel transition. Plus, natural gas’ low carbon content translates into longer oil change intervals, less engine wear and a longer engine life.

Older diesel engines can be replaced with newer engines using diesel, biodiesel or compressed natural gas (CNG). The new engine should be certified to meet the most recent emission standards and come with a diesel particulate filter (DPF) or diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC). Our engines that are used in our school bus conversions meet all emission standards. 

A lot of time there are budget constraints that prevent school districts and other agencies from purchasing due to upfront costs. NGV Global Group offers a school bus leasing option to ease any financial tensions in a time where every dollar counts. President of NGV Global Group, Fury Zaidi stated, “We want to give everyone an opportunity, no matter how big or small to have the ability to participate in cleaner air options. Our flexible school bus leasing option levels the playing field for any fleet size.” A lot of districts are already in the proximity of CNG stations in their area and have the infrastructure in place to support their alternative fueling leasing options.

Our long term lease-to-purchase option of CNG powered vehicles levels the financial playing field by removing the price differential of a natural gas bus versus a diesel truck. By operating on CNG, many of our customers simply allow the fuel savings to accommodate for leasing payments while the company manages the cash flow situation. 


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Renewable Energy Could Power the World by 2050

By Paul Brown

Virtually all the world’s demand for electricity to run transport and to heat and cool homes and offices, as well as to provide the power demanded by industry, could be met by renewable energy by mid-century.

This is the consensus of 47 peer-reviewed research papers from 13 independent groups with a total of 91 authors that have been brought together by Stanford University in California.

Some of the papers take a broad sweep across the world, adding together the potential for each technology to see if individual countries or whole regions could survive on renewables.

Special examinations of small island states, sub-Saharan Africa and individual countries like Germany look to see what are the barriers to progress and how they could be removed.

In every case the findings are that the technology exists to achieve 100% renewable power if the political will to achieve it can be mustered.

The collection of papers is a powerful rebuff to those who say that renewables are not reliable or cannot be expanded fast enough to take over from fossil fuels and nuclear power.

Once proper energy efficiency measures are in place, a combination of windsolar and water power, with various forms of storage capacity, can add up to 100% of energy needs in every part of the planet.

Stanford puts one of its own papers at the top of the list. It studies the impacts of the Green New Deal proposals on grid stability, costs, jobs, health and climate in 143 countries.

With the world already approaching 1.5°C of heating, it says, seven million people killed by air pollution annually, and limited fossil fuel resources potentially sparking conflict, Stanford’s researchers wanted to compare business-as-usual with a 100% transition to wind-water-solar energy, efficiency and storage by 2050 – with at least 80% by 2030.

By grouping the countries of the world together into 24 regions co-operating on grid stability and storage solutions, supply could match demand by 2050-2052 with 100% reliance on renewables. The amount of energy used overall would be reduced by 57.1%, costs would fall by a similar amount, and 28.6 million more long-term full-time jobs would be created than under business-as-usual.

Clean Air Bonus

The remarkable consensus among researchers is perhaps surprising, since climate and weather conditions differ so much in different latitudes. It seems though that as the cost of renewables, particularly wind and solar, has tumbled, and energy storage solutions multiplied, every part of the world can now find a system that edges fossil fuels out in costs.

RNG is a current renewable Energy and the one of the only available to the Trucking industry right now. CNG Vehicles also known as Compressed natural gas or natural gas vehicles is a now option. Schedule your free consultation today and let us go over your sustainability needs. Original Story

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